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Italy Visa Travel Insurance

Italy - General Information

Italy is located in south-central Europe and borders Austria, France, Slovenia and Switzerland. The independent holy Vatican City is also enclaved in Italy. Italy has a high standard of living, high per capita income and one of the major economies in the world. Sicily island is located in Italy and the Mediterranean sea is south of Italy.

Italy is famous for many famous brands such as Armani & Versace, Ferrari & Lamborghini, Barilla Group and Martini & Rossi. Of course, Italian pizza is consumed all over the world.

Rome is Italy's largest city and its capital. Other major cities are Milan, Florence and Venice. Northern Italy has warm summers and cold winters in the north while hot summers and mild winters in the south. Italian language is most widely spoken in Italy but German and French are also spoken in some regions. Most of the population is Roman Catholic.

Italy is a very popular tourist destination. You can enjoy the canals and water rides of Venice, including the famous water street. Leaning tower of Pisa has been the wonder of the world. Rome Coliseum has its own importance in history. There are many shopping paradises including many world famous brands in Italy. Of course, for all Christians and many others, the visit to the holy Vatican City is a must.

Italy Visa Travel Insurance

As Italy is the part of the Schengen area, anyone that needs Italy Visa (Schengen Visa) must shows proof of adequate travel insurance that meets the minimum requirements of the Schengen visa insurance. Many people have domestic health insurance and as those plans do not cover the emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains, those insurance plans are not accepted by the consulate/embassy. When you visit the Italian consulate or embassy, you must present the proof of adequate insurance in the confirmation of coverage letter or visa letter.

Fortunately, we are experienced in Schengen Visa Insurance and can provide exactly what they are looking for. You can get instant quotes from various companies, compare them side by side and make an instant purchase online. After the purchase, depending upon the insurance plan, you can either download the visa letter from our web site or you can just print the confirmation of coverage that you get in the email and you present it to the consulate or the embassy.

And please note that just like you don't have to get a separate visa for each country, you don't have to get separate insurance for each country. Therefore, whether you are vacationing in Italy, taking a cruise in the Mediterranean or simply transiting through Italy, you can purchase the Italy visa insurance with confidence that will get you a peace of mind.

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