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Visitors Insurance - Comprehensive Coverage Plans

Visitors Insurance - Comprehensive Coverage Plans

There are many visitors insurance plans available in the market today. However, most of them fall into two major categories: fixed coverage plans and comprehensive coverage plans. We always recommend everyone purchase comprehensive coverage plans.

Comprehensive Coverage Plans

We always recommend comprehensive coverage plans due to the following reasons:

  • Benefits: After the deductible, it will pay a set percentage up to a certain amount, then 100% up to the chosen policy maximum or a set percentage up to the chosen policy maximum.

  • Cost: The plans cost more than fixed coverage plans; however the cost is reasonable considering the benefits provided offer proper protection.

  • Deductible: Deductible only has to be met once per policy period or year.

  • Out of Pocket Maximum: Generally limited to chosen deductible and co-insurance in most cases.

  • Policy Maximum: Properly covered up to the chosen policy maximum.

  • PPO Network: Most plans participate in PPO network; have contracted rates, and direct billing available.

  • Contracted Rates: Available for PPO network plans.

  • Providers: Freedom to visit any provider; however it's beneficial to visit providers in the network.

  • Travel Coverage: Extensive benefits provided beyond the policy maximum.

  • Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions: Provided in many plans.

Due to above reasons, we always recommend comprehensive coverage plans.

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